Apple Valley Manufacturer California Pulse Inc Doubles In Size


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Apple Valley based California Pulse Inc, maker of waterborne paint drying systems for paint booths, has acquired a 6,000-square-foot facility in the Village Business District of Apple Valley. With the building purchase, California Pulse doubled its manufacturing space to accommodate new equipment, employees and a potential new product line.

California Pulse provides air heating and drying based machines to the paint and automotive industries. The machines are designed, manufactured and shipped directly from the Apple Valley warehouse.

“They are basically air heaters”, says President and Owner Andras Uhlyarik. “When manufacturers are working inside a paint spray booth they need to provide a particular environment for their paint to be applied. This includes the spraying and drying process. There are different types of paints, and they often need to be dried or ‘flashed’ differently. That’s exactly what our system does. It is a direct-fire heating system.”

Uhlyarik was previously renting. However, as his company continued to grow, he purchased the property with plans to expand. The company will use the newly acquired 5,000 square foot facility and lease a remaining 1,000 square feet. “I always knew I was going to expand”, said Uhlyarik. “Right now the economy is good and we can barely make our stuff fast enough. I even have another product line that I am thinking about starting.”

“We are pleased to see Andras continue to grow his company and invest his hard-earned capital right here in Apple Valley. He is a good neighbor and proof-positive that manufacturers do thrive in California,” said Orlando Acevedo, Assistant Director of Economic Development and Housing of the Town of Apple Valley.

California Pulse competes in a market of $15-$20 million companies selling similar products. By stocking custom pieces of equipment, Uhlyarik plans to keep California Pulse agile in an otherwise brutally competitive business environment. The expansion of the business will also assist product flow and efficiency.

“I need to be quick. I built my equipment from the ground up for this purpose. I stock the pieces separately and when an order comes in I just bolt it together. This allows me to deliver faster which adds value to my dealers. The bigger guys just can’t do that, but we can.”

For more information on California Pulse visit or call 909-331-5593

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