Joshua Carroll Presented with HVVMG’s 2016-2017 Brilliance Award

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By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Maintenance and operations worker Joshua Carroll said he was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was the recipient of this year’s Brilliance Award — Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group’s Employee of the Year accolade. But, as it turns out, he may have been the only one who was caught off guard.

Day in and day out, Carroll can be found around the Heritage facility lending a hand to other departments in need of his services, but his impact reaches far beyond maintenance. Equipped with a great work ethic and positive attitude, Carroll says it is his goal to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied at the end of the day.

“You would think that somebody working in maintenance would just stick to the maintenance stuff,” HVVMG Chief Operations Officer Merlin Aalborg said. “But whenever Josh sees anybody — a senior, another member who’s in trouble, who looks confused, who needs help — he’s right there to assist them.”

Outside of his day-to-day duties, Carroll helps out with a couple of Heritage’s senior classes, always making it a point to do what he can to improve the day of members and fellow employees.

“I spent ten years in construction. It’s one thing to build buildings and make, you know, people with suits and a lot of money happy, that you made them money for their job and everything, but it’s completely different to actually make someone face-to-face happy,” Carroll said.

“And to know that they came in in a crappy mood and you sent them out better and that what you’re doing here is changing their life for the better, it’s a lot more fulfilling.”

Brilliance Award winners are selected from a group of employees who receive at least 36 SHINE cards — submitted by Heritage employees and members — throughout the course of the year.

SHINE (Smile, Helping and Inspiring New Experiences) is an acronym representing desired qualities, behaviors and actions of Heritage
employees that create patient satisfaction, all of which Carroll not only demonstrated, but exemplified.

“The reason why the award was given to Josh was because we have numerous examples of where he went completely out of his way to assist somebody who was either physically not doing well or emotionally just wasn’t feeling well that day and he assisted them which has absolutely nothing to do with his primary job responsibilities,” said Aalborg, who presented Carroll with a plaque and $500 award on May 31. “It’s just amazing what he did this year.”

Carroll has been working at Heritage for the last five years and it’s not hard to see the positive effect that Carroll has made on the
company and its members.

Soft-spoken but no less affable, Carroll comes into work everyday with the intention of “leaving everything like I found it or better” —
though mostly better.

Now a Brilliance Award winner, Carroll doesn’t imagine things changing. As for his long-term goals, he only had one thing in mind:
“Keep on keepin’ on.”

Heritage Lifefit-Fitness is part of Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group (HVVMG) who offers its members award winning coordinated care with a speedy referral system. HVVMG has 45 primary care physicians and a panel of two hundred medical specialists across Southern California’s High Desert, as well as the mountain communities and now in Upland. HVVMG has a locally based members service team and is dedicated to a spirit of excellence. HVVMG is part of the Heritage Provider Network.

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