Beacons Give Hotels a Boost


By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – A hotel stay used to be a rather dull affair that could mean a lot of waiting instead of going out to enjoy a vacation: pick up the keys at the front desk, unpack in the room, maybe order a meal through room service, remember to bring that toothbrush when it’s time to leave. Well, those boring days are history. Increasingly, hotels are adopting the latest technology—such as beacons—to enhance the guest experience. Beacons use low-energy Bluetooth connections to communicate with smartphones and tablets.

According to Hospitality Technology, the most significant factor driving hotels’ adoption of beacons is a shift in demographics. Beacons are one type of technology that hotels can use to show tech-hungry millennials they are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. Large and small hotels around the U.S. have already adopted beacons, says the magazine. One chain’s app—which works in tandem with its beacons—allows guests access to special offers and lets them view maps, contact the hotel and request services. In addition, the app lets users take a self-guided tour of the hotel’s art collection and notifies them of special offers and perks based on their location on the property.

Other chains use beacons to send a virtual room key to users’ smartphones, allowing them to unlock the door by tapping a button. Beacons are additionally being utilized to accelerate the check-in process for frequent guests and let housekeeping know when guests are still in a room. Elsewhere, beacons present guests with tailored localized offers, ranging from food and beverage to spa and golf deals.

“With a new generation of tech-savvy guests coming through their doors, adopting beacon technology could set hotel chains apart from less forward-thinking competitors,” says Barry Stone, Director of Marketing at Digital Social Retail, a company that has developed a beacon management platform that is revolutionizing the relationship between customers and brands. “Staying at one of these hotels is a refreshingly modern experience.”

The Social Retail® digital convergence platform developed by Digital Social Retail works seamlessly with mobile screen messaging triggered by BLE beacons communicating with iOS and Android devices running Bluetooth. The platform has proven itself in a wide variety of applications to date.

Retail locations and shopping malls, college campuses, restaurants, sports areas and hospitals—as well as entire city shopping districts—are being outfitted with beacons and transforming how the public interactions with their surroundings.

“Hotels are just one of many public places that are in the midst of being transformed by the wonders of beacon technology,” Stone adds.

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