Assessor Bob Dutton: High Desert Property Values on a Gentle Climb


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Property values in the High Desert are on a gentle, gradual rise, underscoring both stability and economic opportunity, San Bernardino County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk Bob Dutton said in talk during the “State of the County” presentation. High Desert property values have seen a 5.1 percent increase over 2016. “And (the High Desert) has almost reached its previous high that occurred in 2008,” Dutton said. “What I like about what’s happening here, we’ve got a gentle climb. We’re not spiking. The reason why this is important, as a former real estate investor, is because I like stable. It’s not showing some erratic behavior. So I’m seeing some great opportunity here.”

For the first time ever, the assessed value of all properties in San Bernardino County topped $200 billion. Dutton noted that the County’s economic recovery is very much dependent on Los Angeles and Orange counties. “We usually follow them,” Dutton said. “In the High Desert, we end up following the San Bernardino Valley. So I think everything is looking really good.”

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