Career Advancement: 3 Questions to Ask

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Recent college graduates in their first entry-level positions face a slew of decisions about their future—especially after they have been on the job for several months. There are no hard and fast answers, of course, but pondering these issues can prepare them for their next all-important step up the corporate ladder. Here are three particularly relevant questions and some perspectives, courtesy of the blog of Atrium Staffing, a New York City-based talent solutions firm:

  • When should the search begin for a job at the next level? The answer is: always. Of course, there are subtleties involved. An employee wants to make sure to show stability; if an employee is jumping around every three months, it will be a red flag. But after a solid year, he or she will be able to speak about what was learned in specific terms and know what to look for in a next step. Networking is still the best way to get a job at any level; leveraging a network of friends, utilizing an alumni network are some of the things a job seeker should be doing.
  • How does someone know they’re ready to move forward? Those ready to move on from their current job generally get that “what’s next?” feeling in the pit of their stomach more regularly while they’re at work. At the same time, it is important to know what might rule someone out as a good fit—for example, if a job called for 10 years of experience and the candidate only had three. Individuals should always be reaching for the next level but be honest with themselves and try to think like the employer when evaluating a position.
  • How does a job applicant stand out from the crowd? Rather than bullet-pointing responsibilities under each job on their resume, a job seeker should bullet their key achievements and successes. In doing so, their capabilities and the results they can achieve for a new company are more clearly understood. Also, be sure to tweak the resume for each particular job. Other tactics include creating a resume website that shows off a job applicant’s skills and accomplishments in a fresh way. Any chance of enhancing an application by making it more unique should be taken.

“Knowing how employees tend to think about their current position, and what they are seeking to find in their next position, is insight that an informed staffing agency can provide,” says Rebecca Cenni, Founder and CEO of Atrium Staffing. “This information is also valuable for companies that want to stay informed about whether their valued employees are happy and likely to stay, or thinking about moving on.”

Atrium is focused on providing contingent workforce solutions for mid-size and Fortune 500 companies in nearly every industry. Atrium’s expertise includes regional Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing, national Payrolling Services, national Independent Contractor Compliance and Intern Program Design. The company has extensive experience matching the right candidates for a range of positions within a variety of industries.

“In today’s dynamic job market, nobody is likely to sit still forever, and being aware of how and why employees make their next moves is worth studying,” Cenni adds.

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