Fast Food Fast Track: High-Tech Upgrades

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – These are fast-changing times in the chain restaurant industry. To keep up with evolving consumer trends, many chains are angling to implement the very latest technological perks to boost engagement and return visits. For example, Bloomberg recently reported that Subway Restaurants was among these innovators, by introducing touchscreen ordering kiosks, a new mobile app, digital menu boards and WiFi to selected locations.

A Subway official told Bloomberg the moves were being made to evolve the chain’s vision and strategy as well as to respond to the wishes of customers who were demanding a more complete experience. The digital menus, which are being installed in hundreds of the chain’s locations, can be changed instantly without having to print new signs and laboriously replace them, Bloomberg reported.

“There is little doubt that the food service industry is making a wise move by adopting new technologies such as digital signage in their many locations nationwide,” says Sylvain Bellaïche, founder and CEO of Digital Social Retail, a company that has developed a beacon “connector” platform that is revolutionizing the relationship between customers and brands. “The ease by which messaging can be customized by a single individual—handling everything from seasonal menu specials to local news—is revolutionary.”

Utilizing digital signage helps restaurants by assuring quality content to maintain brand consistency. Managers can more easily catch customers’ attention, deliver relevant information and promote their restaurant without compromising brand consistency across locations. Digital signage also engages restaurant-goers on a hyper-local level to multiply profits and increase foot traffic. Restaurants can utilize the technology to develop messaging and promote items that will appeal to their consumers. Pushing a specific menu item on a digital sign may increase sales substantially for that product. The signage creates a natural pathway for restaurants to reconnect with local customers by tailoring their selections to each specific audience in different regions of the country.

The Social Retail® digital convergence platform developed by Digital Social Retail offers an ideal platform on which a business can control the messaging of its digital signage. The technology integrates seamlessly with the company’s mobile screen messaging triggered by BLE beacon connectors communicating with iOS and Android devices running Bluetooth. The platform has proven itself in a wide variety of applications to date.

“Keeping customers coming back is key for all restaurants and with a world awash in electronic communications, it’s only natural that digital signage would be part of the mix every time a customer comes in,” Bellaïche adds.

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