Lightning Fast: Victorville Library Offers Patrons Super-Fast Internet Access

By Staff Reports

(Victorville) – Earlier this month, the Victorville City Library debuted its super-fast internet connection; and patrons are enjoying the quicker access speed.

“We noticed the difference immediately,” says City Librarian, Karen Everrett. “Before the upgrade, it took a while for internet pages to load; and if more than one person downloaded video at the same time it really slowed things down for everyone.”

Following the upgrade, patrons are enjoying connection speeds that are 100 times faster in the library’s computer lab; and connections over the library’s public Wi-Fi are 20 times faster. With the high-speed connection, 25 songs can be downloaded in one second; and a TV show can be downloaded in less than four seconds.

In mid-September, the City of Victorville’s Technology Division installed a one-gigabit, fiber-internet connection at the City Library. The upgrade was funded through a $30,000 grant from the Corporation for Education Network Initiatves for California.

The faster internet connection is enabling the Library to increase its educational offerings. “We offer computer literacy classes to the public twice a week,” explains Everrett. “The faster internet speeds open up all sorts of new topics that we can explore such as how to make your own YouTube channel; and we will be able to offer more classes via Skype and video chat.”

On a typical day, 800 people visit the Victorville City Library; and there are 158 computer sign ins. Patrons with a library card can use one of the library’s public computers for free for two hours each day, and visitors and new residents can be granted a one-hour pass.

The library’s computers are used by patrons of all ages for a variety of needs such as job searches, resume building, homework, college registration, financial aid applications, and educational software programs.

According to Everrett, the next technology upgrade will enable patrons to print directly from their laptops and mobile devices.

To learn more about the Victorville City Library, its services and educational offerings, visit or call (760) 245-4222.


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