Health Club Owners: Seniors Want to Get Fit Too

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Ask any health club owner to describe their ideal customer—and they’re likely to name “fitness-minded,” “health-conscious” and “young” among the most obvious traits. But when it comes to that final adjective—maybe they ought to reconsider.

That’s because the fact is that silver-haired Americans make up a sizeable number of those who join health clubs. Older people are not just taking better care of their health today—they are bicycling, running and working out in increasing numbers. They enjoy yoga, Pilates and CrossFit. They are staying fit and energized. And if the popularity of “Silver Sneakers” programs across the country is any indication, this interest is bound to keep rising.

And yet the standard TV or print ad for a health club features a young, buff, dark-haired guy or gal in form-fitting exercise gear or spandex. Perhaps it’s time for health club owners to start paying attention to those north of age 50 who spend just as much time improving their health.

“Along with making positive health choices and taking advantage of medical advances, silver-haired Americans are spending more and more time working out,” says Dian Griesel, founder and Chief Influencer of the Silver Disobedience™ movement and an Icon model with Wilhelmina Models, New York. “When it comes to attracting clientele, health club and spa owners ought to take advantage of this demographic as well as younger ones.”

Silver Disobedience is a rebellion against ageism—an active rejection and disregard of the notion that aging equals irrelevancy or obsolescence. Through a collective of branded @SilverDisobedience social media pages and traditional media outreach, its messages are heard and acted upon by a powerful audience. Its Social Media #Influencer Status helps companies and their brands build their awareness with “those of a certain age.” Using online “live” focus groups, coupons, discounts offers, unique influencer content, select client partners can benefit from the more than 250,000  weekly reach — including interactions with those who’ve left more than 10,000 detailed responses on branded @SilverDisobedience pages.  Additionally, Griesel consults with advertising agencies, companies and their brands on what they should (or not) say and how to improve messaging and reach overall to favorably impress this lucrative audience.

Speaking of age: Thanks to growing health and fitness trends along with medical advances, those age 65 living in the U.S. today are expected to live an additional 18 years on average. They are not just older—but more relevant and wiser through experience. A lot of that experience can be harnessed in deciding which health clubs offer the right features and amenities—and those that make a wide range of customers feel welcome are bound to see more customers walk through their doors.

“There’s no upper age limit to the desire to stay fit, so health clubs that reach out to those with silver hair are likely to be richly rewarded as a result,” adds Griesel.

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