Town Council Paves the Way for a 227,000-Square Foot Walmart Supercenter

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– After a lengthy legal challenge, the Town of Apple Valley has signed on the dotted line authorizing a Walmart Supercenter on Dale Evans Parkway near Thunderbird Road. The proposed 227,000 square foot facility will become part of the Town’s Development Code and Apple Valley’s Commercial Specific Plan 30 days after the October 24 council meeting. The submittal of Walmart’s documents, including drawings of the facility, will begin the plan check process whereupon the town will become eligible to issue permits for the proposed Supercenter.

“A larger store can provide local residents with more choices for grocery and consumer items,” said Mayor Scott Nassif. “Too many of our residents must often drive out of town to find these items. This will help keep jobs and dollars local, including sales tax dollars which go toward fixing roads and funding public safety.”

For comparison, the town’s current Walmart across from Dale Evans Parkway on Highway 18 sits at approximately 100,000 square feet. Apple Valley customers are limited here in the quantity of goods and services when set side by side to the neighboring cities Supercenters. The former Lowe’s building, at less than 150,000 square feet, is also too small for a Supercenter concept.

“We know the owners of the neighboring retail centers and buildings, including the former Lowe’s building, have long awaited the return of this project,” said Interim Town Manager Lori Lamson. “Walmart’s ability to draw consumers has a positive effect on nearby properties and gives them greater opportunity to attract other retailers and restaurants to fill nearby vacant space—just consider the retail growth surrounding each of the other locations in our neighboring communities.”

Town spokesperson Gina Whiteside shared that Walmart officials are already working on selling the existing building to identified buyers. Once vacated, the existing Walmart building will provide opportunities for new businesses at this desired commercial location. Consistent with the will of the voters during a special election in November 2013, the new Walmart Supercenter will provide long awaited growth for Apple Valley’s Commercial Specific Plan and offer residents the accessibility, prices and furnishings of other Supercenter stores.

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