California Almonds Joins Forces With A Team Of Experts To Seize The Afternoon Through The New Year


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The mid-afternoon crash affects many of us, and can prevent a healthy start to the new year. In fact, a study1 conducted by GfK’s KnowledgePanel® found that one-third of Americans report feeling less productive and worn out in the afternoon, culminating at an average time of 2:58 pm.

You don’t have to let the crash get the best of you! California Almonds and a team of experts, including accomplished entrepreneur and co-founder of Away Jen Rubio, registered dietitian Jim White and productivity expert Julie Morgenstern have teamed up to ensure that busy people with goals for the new year can “Carpe PM” – or “seize the afternoon.”

“As a business owner who travels for a living, I can’t afford to be less productive when the clock hits 2:58 pm, no matter what time zone I’m in,” says Rubio. “I carry almonds in my purse as a quick pick-me-up so I can power through my busiest days.”

Registered dietitian and personal trainer Jim White agrees, “To maintain energy, I always recommend a smart and easy snack like a handful of healthy almonds. Their strong nutrition profile – including fiber, protein and good fat – will help anyone power through their daily to-do’s.”

For quick, nutritious and tasty ways to fuel a busy day, White recommends snack pairings, which can easily be made and consumed on-the-go. His flavorful Fruit, Almonds & Cottage Cheese Bowl will provide the sustained energy needed to power through your to-do list. The added protein, fiber and crunch of almonds make this a smart snack option to remain satisfied until the next meal. For a simple and delectable snack that’s easy to prepare and eat on-the-go, try his Sliced Almonds & Yogurt Bowl. For customized snack options, check out White’s crunch time generator quiz, which provides snack recommendations based on personality type.

In addition to snack pairings, productivity expert Julie Morgenstern provides great inspiration on how to stay productive during life’s busiest moments, including:

  • What you eat affects your productivity. The dreaded afternoon crash happens to many of us, but a simple solution is to consume nutrient-rich foods and snacks that keep you energized throughout the day. For example, place a container of almonds by your computer, near your line of vision and reach for a handful to avoid the 2:58 pm slump.
  • Properly recharge on your off days. When it comes to days off from the daily grind, prioritize PEP (physical activity, escapes, people) to take care of the body. Recharging both the body and the mind is vitally important to overall self-care.
  • Streamline your workload. There always seems to be more work to do than time to do it. The goal is to ensure that the most important tasks are completed first, so that every day can end with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Visit for more inspiration on how to #CarpePM, conquer your afternoon and beyond.


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