Comic Book Review: Space Parasaurolophus #1

By Jason T. Smith

(Victor Valley)– Everyone loves dinosaurs right? And what is the first dinosaur that comes to mind, you know, everyone’s favorite dinosaur? Parasaurolophus, right? Right? Well no, not really. When we think dinosaurs we think ferocious T-Rex or a horned faced tank like Triceratops. Let’s face it, Parasaurolophus is usually that funny looking duck billed dinosaur that is often seen as lunch for the mighty T-Rex or a pack of vicious Velociraptors. Not this time. The one-shot comic “Space Parasaurolophus” will change your mind about this duck billed dinner.

Space Parasaurolophus puts us right in the middle of prehistoric Earth in a world teeming with dinosaurs of all kind including, yep, you guessed it, Parasaurolophus. The story starts off with our unlikely hero being abducted by a spaceship piloted by the Lev’rram, a small, peaceful group of alien scientists who only sought to gather knowledge of species from across the universe before returning them back to their home worlds. Upon his time aboard their ship, a very unfortunate event happens as their ship is attacked by a band of space pirates known as Werthams who are known for their barbaric raids of planets, conquering them for their resources. Taking blasts from the enemy vessel forces the Lev’rram, along with our Parasaurolophus, to take evasive maneuvers which eventually pay off, but at a dear cost. The enemy laser blast that was meant for them misses its mark and instead hits Earth, causing the end of the dinosaurs.

Now the lone dinosaur left, our hero, who has been given the gift of intellect as compensation for his home being destroyed, decides to stay aboard the ship with his alien friends and from there joins the Intergalactic Exploratory Force. They are just what they sound like, a team of space rangers exploring the cosmos, where they will eventually find modern day Earth.

Space Parasaurolophus is a must-read dinosaur fans and comic book fans alike. It is a very well put together story written and illustrated by Leonardo Pertuzzatti. Please give this book a read, you will not be disappointed.

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