Travel Agency Owners: The Best Customers Are Silver-Haired

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – What are the greatest tourist destinations on Earth? Everyone has their own opinions—but not everyone has the means to hop on a plane to actually visit them. Yet one demographic is likely to have both the will and the wallet to travel the globe: the silver-haired segment of the population. So it’s odd when travel agencies run ads—or adorn the walls of their offices with posters—that feature only young couples having fun in the sun at some exotic locale.

The fact is that Americans age 50+ are natural-born travelers. Many in this segment of the population are still working—and of those, 90 percent are getting paid vacation time, according to a 2015 AARP report. Furthermore, about 54 percent of them are using all or most of it. They are taking planes, trains, cruises, buses and cars. Many of them are working through their bucket lists—and they are not opposed to getting great suggestions for travel destinations. They trust what their friends say about places including hotels, airlines, car rental companies and everything else that goes into planning a perfect trip.

“Forget the old stereotype about people slowing down as they reach traditional retirement age,” says Dian Griesel, founder and Chief Influencer of the Silver Disobedience™ movement. “If anything, silver-haired folks have more wanderlust—and more of the means to satisfy it—than any other segment of the population. Any travel agency that doesn’t specifically target them in its outreach efforts is missing a major opportunity.”

Silver Disobedience is a rebellion against ageism—an active rejection and disregard of the notion that aging equals irrelevancy or obsolescence. Through a collective of branded @SilverDisobedience social media pages and traditional media outreach, its messages are heard and acted upon by a powerful audience. Its Social Media #Influencer Status helps companies and their brands build their awareness with “those of a certain age.”

The Silver Disobedience movement welcomes every social media follower who respects the cumulative experience that can only be gained from years of living. It partners with businesses and their brands that respect the lifelong journey that results in #SilverInfluence™ and the very special wisdom that can only come from age.

Speaking of age: Thanks to growing health and fitness trends along with medical advances, those age 65 living in the U.S. today are expected to live an additional 18 years on average. They are not just older—but more relevant and wiser through experience. And a lot of that experience can be harnessed in deciding where to travel on vacation and which travel agency’s packages to spend all that disposable income on—as well as which destinations they should recommend to their friends, children and grandchildren.

“Instead of sitting home, the silver-haired population is intent on seeing the world—and travel agencies that orient their marketing to this demographic are bound to reap big rewards,” Griesel adds.

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