Curb Modification Made to Increase Safety at Park


By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– As the popularity of the Apple Valley Dog Park at Civic Center Park has increased, so has the illegal parking in the roundabout just north of the pet play area. As a result, the Town of Apple Valley recently painted the curb red to alert park-goers that it is a no parking zone.

“The roundabout has never been a designated parking area,” said Town Spokesperson Gina Whiteside. “It is a driveway designed in compliance with the building code to provide open access to emergency vehicles and personnel responding to calls for medical assistance at the park.”

Whiteside acknowledged that the alteration has sparked some negativity among the elderly and disabled who are accustomed to parking there.

“We are sympathetic to those who have enjoyed the convenience of parking closer to the dog park, but just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should,” said Whiteside. “That driveway is only 30-feet wide so it cannot accommodate parked cars and still leave room for emergency vehicles to maneuver. Causing a delay to our police and fire services, even for a few seconds, could ultimately cost someone their life.”

In addition to law enforcement and medical personnel, the driveway is also used by trash haulers, delivery trucks, park maintenance equipment and more.

Among the many disabled parking spaces offered throughout the park are four spaces located just to the west of the roundabout. It features the legally compliant egress between the parking lot and the Dog Park.

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