Pup Has Bright Future Thanks to VVAPL

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– A stray puppy turned into VVAPL Humane Society received life-saving surgery thanks to the generosity of a local veterinarian and donations to the LifeSaver Medical Fund. The puppy arrived with his left leg and foot extremely swollen and was purple halfway up the leg due to an unknown substance. Since VVAPL has limited medical capabilities, Executive Director Sherri Quinn sought the help of Dr. Corea Choi from Samaritan LC Animal Hospital in Apple Valley.

The purple substance was livestock antiseptic. Someone may have tried to treat the pup’s leg after an accident because x-rays showed his bone was crushed. After reviewing all options, it was decided the pup would have the best outcome by amputating the limb. Dr. Choi performed the surgery with aftercare provided by himself and VVAPL veterinarian Dr. Joseph Velasco.

Dr. Choi has a passion for giving back to the community, so instead of charging $2,000 for the pup’s medical care, the humane society only had to pay $800, which was paid by VVAPL’s LifeSaver Medical Fund. The medical fund was set up to treat animals that might otherwise be euthanized due to extreme medical conditions. Snakebites, amputations, skin diseases and eye removals are just a few of the medical conditions treated successfully because of generous donations to the fund.

The pup, named Tripod, was adopted by a family with two dogs and one cat. He is an active member of the family playing with the other pets, maneuvering stairs and is a friendly, well-adjusted boy. If you would like to help animals with medical needs, you can donate to the LifeSaver Medical Fund at vvapl.com.

VVAPL Humane Society is a nonprofit located at 21779 Zuni Road in Apple Valley. For information call (760) 247-2102, visit vvapl.com to view animals, and like us on Facebook.


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