Smartphone Manufacturers: It’s Not Just Kids on the Line

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Who’s walking around with a smartphone glued to their ear? These days, everybody. But when smartphone manufacturers unveil their latest and greatest release, it’s more likely they are targeting young people as potential customers rather than their parents or grandparents. And that’s a shame, because silver-haired Americans are just as enthusiastic about the latest must-have smartphones—and high-tech devices in general—as younger crowds are.

The fact is that silver-haired customers are more adept with cutting-edge technology than some manufacturers—or their own kids—might think. Seventy-seven percent of Americans age 50 and above own smartphones. These folks associate those devices with work flexibility and freedom just as much as anyone else standing in a block-long line in front of the local Apple Store on the day a new-model smartphone is released.

“Seventy-eight percent of those age 50 and above are checking the news online and ordering from all kinds of retail websites, so smartphones are an integral part of their lives,” says Dian Griesel, founder and Chief Influencer of the Silver Disobedience™ movement. “And more than 71 percent of them are on social media—including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. And since everyone carries their entire music collection on their smartphones nowadays, it’s worth noting that these older folks make up almost one-quarter of online music sales.”

Silver Disobedience is a rebellion against ageism—an active rejection and disregard of the notion that aging equals irrelevancy or obsolescence. Through a collective of branded @SilverDisobedience social media pages and traditional media outreach, its messages are heard and acted upon by a powerful audience. Its Social Media #Influencer Status helps companies and their brands build their awareness with “those of a certain age.”

The Silver Disobedience movement welcomes every social media follower who respects the cumulative experience that can only be gained from years of living. It partners with businesses and their brands that respect the lifelong journey that results in #SilverInfluence™ and the very special wisdom that can only come from age.

Speaking of age: Thanks to growing health and fitness trends along with medical advances, those age 65 living in the U.S. today are expected to live an additional 18 years on average. They are not just older—but more relevant and wiser through experience. And a lot of that experience can be harnessed in deciding which new smartphone to spend some of that disposable income on—and which ones to recommend to their friends, children and grandchildren.

“The next time a TV commercial or print ad touts the latest smartphone to take the world by storm, take some time to notice if any silver-haired folks are standing in the shot. The companies that include them are the ones that truly know their customer base,” Griesel adds.

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