The Street Drum Corps Return to the 2018 San Bernardino County Fair

By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporter

(Victorville)– From late night television to MTV, the Street Drum Corps have performed across the globe. In 2018, the innovative performers mark their return to the High Desert as they are one of the featured performers for this year’s San Bernardino County Fair.

“We started 14 years ago, coincidentally enough, in a junkyard,” said founding member Frank Zummo. Formed in Los Angeles, the group began in 2004 and has been growing ever since. Starting with found objects, the group evolved into a musical phenomenon, performing everywhere from theme parks to rock and roll tours, living by an inspiration of something different.

Inspiration comes from being different and not your typical band. The founding members all came from traditional rock bands and wanted to do something that was completely different, experimental, and with no rules. To this day, the group continues to see what new sounds they can get and out of what objects. Expanded from the original members to a nationwide company, the Street Drum Corps bring their unique brand of music everywhere, including competing on television.

The group competed on MTV’s “Amazingness,” a companion show to the successful, “Ridiculousness:” Competition shows are not the norm for Street Drum Corps. However, they were crowned champion of the first episode.

“We really haven’t done competition shows,” said Zummo. “We actually never had. We’ve been a guest on TV shows- we were guests on Hell’s Kitchen a couple of years ago. Gordon Ramsey loved it so much he had us come on an episode of Master Chef where they collaborated with Glee.”

If you have never experienced the Street Drum Corps live, here is what to expect.

“You’re going to experience a high energy drum show that is very interactive,” said Zummo.  “It’s a show for all ages- from little babies to grandparents. We are basically are all over the grounds at the fair- we aren’t on a stage. When we go out and do fairs, we are basically right there in your face, right on the grounds. It’s to pump everybody up, get everyone excited and have this cool musical experience.”

When asked what advice he would give to someone on the edge of chasing their dreams, Zummo emphatically stated to simply do it.

“Literally, whatever your passion is, just do it,” said Zummo. “It’s that simple, there’s no big mystery on “am I going to get lucky?”, “am I going to meet the right person?” It’s just about following your passion, seeing it through and staying on that course.”

Make sure to see the Street Drum Corps live at the San Bernardino County Fair, May 19-28th. For more information on the corps, visit For information on the SBC Fair, visit

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