3 Things to Know About Indoor Air Quality

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Recent years have witnessed a rising level of attention to the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ), with high-profile reports in outlets ranging from Newsweek to Consumer Reports focusing on the various contaminants that can degrade the health of residents and workers. Here are a few things to know about IAQ:

  • Many factors can degrade IAQ: The growing proliferation of chemical pollutants in consumer and commercial products, the tendency toward tighter building envelopes and reduced ventilation to save energy, and pressures to defer maintenance have fostered IAQ problems in many buildings, the EPA notes.
  • Poor IAQ leads to various symptoms: Chemicals released from building materials may cause headaches, or mold spores may trigger itchy eyes and runny noses. Exposure to some biocontaminants have been known to cause serious, sometimes life-threatening respiratory diseases, reports the EPA.
  • New tests allow quick, economical IAQ testing: The yogi™, developed by Live Pure, is an all-in-one do-it-yourself air and water quality kit that can detect the presence of nine environmental contaminants and toxins in the home—including mold, allergens, lead, asbestos, radon, VOCs and formaldehyde in the air, as well as lead and copper levels in the drinking water.

“The more people know about the importance of indoor air quality, the more inclined they are to test whether their home is safe,” says Greg Sancoff, founder and CEO of Live Pure. “The yogi is designed to give them that peace of mind.”

The yogi is designed to capture a variety of air samples using only the push of a button. It is specifically designed to sample air at very specific flow rate and durations of sampling time, depending on the contaminant or toxin. Customers simply press color-coded buttons for the particular contaminant being assessed.

It takes just minutes to collect samples, which are then sent to an independent, accredited laboratory that adheres to industry standards for review. The results are mailed back to the consumer within 10 business days of the lab’s receipt of their samples.

If customers are sent a report indicating high contaminant levels in the home, they will receive a complimentary phone consultation with Live Pure’s certified industrial hygienists. This unbiased consult equips customers with the key information needed to address these challenges, potentially mitigating contaminant levels in the home.

“With the yogi, all the guesswork about what’s in the air within an indoor space is removed in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner,” Sancoff adds.

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