Data Analysis to Help Reduce Repeat Crimes

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s, Probation and related county departments are working together to determine the most effective programs to help reduce the number of former jail inmates who re-offend.

“I am encouraged by the initial results and hope that this will lead to lower jail costs, fewer repeat offenders and better results for local communities,” Supervisor Lovingood said.

Under Sheriff Shannon Dicus and Deputy Chief Probation Officer Scott Frymire presented initial findings at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting.

“We have 57% of the folks who were here (in jail) in 2010 become 87% of our recidivism problem,” Dicus said. “That’s huge. What do we do about that? Well, now they’re identifiable, we take subsections of those folks … and take a look at (Sheriff’s and Probation) programs that those people are exposed to. Which ones are the most successful in affecting this number in keeping people out of jail?”

Officials are looking to develop interventions to improve mental health outcomes and reduce jail time for the mentally ill. They are also looking to better address substance use and abuse. In 2016, 23% of bookings for new offenses involved alcohol; and 18% of new bookings involved drugs.

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