Furniture Sellers: Why Older Homeowners Are Worth Marketing To

Classic sofa in a furniture store

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Which segment of consumers is most likely to furnish their house with the most prestigious offerings? Hint: it’s not newlyweds in a modest starter home. Sellers of furniture and other luxury home products are much more likely to find satisfied customers—and substantial sales—among the silver-haired portion of the population. Yet to a large extent, this is one group of Americans these sellers might not have learned to target in their advertisements.

Furniture sellers ought to reconsider. That’s because Americans age 50 and older are dedicated homeowners with an interest in the finer things in life and the financial means to procure them. Sixty-six percent of people in this age bracket won’t be moving or selling the homes they’ve been living in, and 67 percent intend to remain in their home state to stay in proximity to their children and friends. As for those who intend to move, 50 percent will stay within 30 miles of their hometown. Forty-six percent of those who pull up stakes will want to move to bigger homes while 54 percent will downsize.

“Sellers of the most prestigious home products and furniture ought to be targeting those who are most likely to purchase them, yet when people are depicted in TV and prints ads for these products, they are rarely silver-haired,” says Dian Griesel, founder and Chief Influencer of the Silver Disobedience™ movement. “But compare the home of a young couple just starting out together and that of a successful older couple, and there is likely to be a big difference in the quality of what is seen in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.”

Silver Disobedience is a rebellion against ageism—an active rejection and disregard of the notion that aging equals irrelevancy or obsolescence. Through a collective of branded @SilverDisobedience social media pages on Facebook & Instagram and traditional media outreach, its messages are heard and acted upon by a powerful audience. Its Social Media #Influencer Status helps companies and their brands build their awareness with “those of a certain age.”

The Silver Disobedience movement welcomes every social media follower who respects the cumulative experience that can only be gained from years of living. It partners with businesses and their brands that respect the lifelong journey that results in #SilverInfluence™ and the very special wisdom that can only come from age.

Speaking of age: Thanks to growing health and fitness trends along with medical advances, those age 65 living in the U.S. today are expected to live an additional 18 years on average. They are not just older—but more relevant and wiser through experience. And a lot of that experience can be harnessed in deciding which new home furnishings to spend all that disposable income on—and how best to adorn the big houses they’ve bought with the money earned over a lifetime of working hard.

“Looking to ensure that luxury products wind up moving from the showroom to someone’s house? Then target those who are most inclined—and most able—to furnish their houses with the finer things: the silver-haired Americans,” Griesel adds.

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