Silver Savings Plans: Experts Offer Ideas

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – Anyone who has made it to age 50 has a dizzying array of expert sources of advice for saving up for retirement. And who could be better at providing reliable insights than one’s own financially savvy peers? Folks in this age group who are hungry for tips on saving for a comfy retirement can look to the pages of Silver Disobedience™—a large and growing group of men and women who are rebelling against ageism and living their life to the fullest. Their overall message? It is never too late to start saving!

“Age 50 is not too late to start saving for retirement—an individual with an IRA should just be sure they are maximizing out their contribution each year, including the extra $1,000 ‘catch-up’ amount,” says Kelli Bhattacharjee, who blogs at “In addition to an IRA, they should make sure they are maximizing out any SEP or 401(k) contributions as well.”

“There are two types of retirement planning,” adds Charlie Jewett, a financial advisor at Jewett Wealth Management and Insurance Services. “With the first type, a person estimates what income they want in retirement, how much they will need to have saved to create that income, and how much they need to save each month to get there. A much less well-known form of retirement planning is called Asset Optimization. There is where a financial advisor looks at everything the person is currently doing and optimizes each piece of their current plan: lowering the cost of their mortgage, investment fees and taxes, and increasing investment returns, for example.”

Jewett adds, “Moral of the story: If someone waited a long time to start planning, they should start now and at least optimize the assets they have.”

Richard Martinez, co-founder of RISE Programs, says, “There are various resources out there that facilitate preparation for retirement. Some of these include employer retirement and pension plans, individual retirement accounts, Social Security retirement benefits, federal insurance for private pensions and investment in securities to maximize interest revenue. Most banks and specialized financial institutions are more than eager to provide advice on how to take advantage of these and many other monetary resources available to consumers.”

“Saving up for retirement is like running a marathon,” Martinez adds. “The finish line might seem out of reach at first, but persistence is the only way to ever make it across. Never stop saving, never stop planning, and when the time comes, that person will never stop thanking themselves for preparing for the future.”

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