35 Miles of Road Repair to Commence in Apple Valley

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Beginning on May 15, the Town of Apple Valley will begin a major street maintenance and resurfacing project to help preserve approximately 35 miles of residential and arterial roads using SB1 gas tax and annual Measure I funds.

The $1.75 million project will incorporate three methods of pavement preservation including chip seal, micro surface and cape seal processes depending on the condition of the street.

“Our process of setting priorities for road maintenance includes finding the right balance between reconstructing severely deteriorated roads and maintaining our ‘fair to good’ roads so that they don’t reach that severely deteriorated condition,” said Town Engineer Brad Miller. “Our pavement management program is designed to preserve exponentially more miles of road than we can reconstruct in a fiscal year.”

The contractor, VSS International, has hand delivered notices to homes on all the affected streets. “No Parking” signs placed along streets 48 hours prior to work being started. To allow street sweeping of excess chips after placement, residents are asked to park off the street for two days following the chip seal process.

Residents are asked to keep children and animals away from the area while construction is in progress from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and to refrain from washing cars or watering lawns the day of and the day before the work is scheduled to take place. Street construction will not impact normal trash pickup days.

Streets will not be closed during the chip seal process but delays are to be expected. Flagmen will direct traffic to ensure the safe passage of all citizens and for the safety of the workers.

“Additional resurfacing projects are currently being planned to begin shortly after July 1, which marks the beginning of the next fiscal year,” said Mayor Art Bishop. “We have received a lot of communication from residents that we will use in conjunction with our pavement management system to determine the areas that will have the greatest benefit to the most people. We want to make each dollar go further, literally.”

To report a street that needs attention, visit www.applevalley.organd click “Let us know” at the top of any page, or call (760) 240-7000 x7013.

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