High Desert Residents Rejoice with the 2018 San Bernardino County Fair

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporter
(Victorville)– One of the biggest events to come to the High Desert every year is the San Bernardino County Fair. The rides, the food, the livestock, the concerts- there is always so much to see as the fair comes to town. This year, it feels like everything was ramped up, as the fair felt more lively, updated and better than ever.
Everything from the layout to the addition of new attractions and the headlining acts at the concert series made this a fair to remember. Lines at the main gate showed the demand for the fair, being a staple for entertainment in the High Desert. For many, it is a yearly tradition to attend, and for some, it was their first visit.

Photo by Nolan P. Smith

“It was a fun and relaxing experience,” said Victorville resident Jason Smith, this being his first ever visit to the San Bernardino County Fair. “It reminded me of when I was a kid and my mom took us to the local carnivals. From the fun rides to the delicious foods, it is a feel-good place that everyone should enjoy.”
For Arturo Garcia Jr. of Victorville, he has attended the fair for years now. “I liked the art displays, the crafts, and kids art,” said Garcia. The art building is always a favorite, featuring paintings, drawings, and photographs from residents. The arts and crafts building was housed in a temporary structure, but housed quilts and such made by extremely talented individuals.
The Solar Shoppers Concert Series featured a variety of musicians, from country to rock. Performers included rock and rock icons Blue Oyster Cult and Lifehouse to close out the fair. Concert admission was included with the price of a fair ticket, which led to anyone being able to enjoy the musical entertainment, granted if seating was still available. Apple Valley resident Rogelio Morfin attended the Blue Oyster Cult concert with his kids on Sunday night.
“The concert was amazing,” said Morfin. “My daughter sang along with just about every song and my son who falls asleep at concerts…well he still fell asleep but his foot kept tapping to the beat. It’s now a great memory with my kids. Blue Oyster Cult hasn’t lost a step and I’m so glad we made it to their concert. And on another note, my kids and I specifically began the “we want more” chant to bring them out for their eventual encore performance.”
To stay up to date on the San Bernardino County Fair, visit https://www.sbcfair.com/.

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