Air District Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary

Representatives from local elected officials presented the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District Governing Board at its June 25 regular meeting proclamations in recognition of the District’s 25 years of service. Shown above, left to right: Dakota Higgins, for U.S. Congressman Paul Cook; Robert Lovingood, MDAQMD Governing Board Member and representing the 1st District of San Bernardino County; Carmen Hernandez, MDAQMD Board Member; Chris Nunez, for California State Assemblyman Jay Obernolte; Paul Russ, MDAQMD Board Member; Brad Poiriez, MDAQMD Executive Director/APCO; Jim Cox, MDAQMD Board Chair; John Cole, MDAQMD Board Member; Barbara Riordan, MDAQMD Board Member; Robert Leone, MDAQMD Board Member; Ed Camargo, MDAQMD Board Member; and Rebecca Tennison, for California State Sen. Scott Wilk.
Photo courtesy of MDAQMD


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District (MDAQMD) this week is celebrating 25 years of service to residents in the High Desert and Palo Verde Valley.

Representatives from the offices of several elected officials were on hand at the agency’s board meeting Mondayto recognize the District for its commitment to attain and maintain a healthful environment while supporting strong and sustainable economic growth.

“It occurred to me, that as we’ve changed board members, changed administration, changed staff, we’ve always kept a certain goal in mind, and there has not been a deviation from it,” said Barbara Riordan, the District’s longest-serving board member. “That is to protect the individuals who work and live in our district for cleaner air, but at the same time we’ve also kept in mind the economic wellbeing of this area.”

State legislation proposed by Assemblyman Paul Woodruff in 1992 created the MDAQMD, separating it from the San Bernardino County Air Pollution Control District. The agency handles air quality education, permitting and inspection for the entire Mojave Desert Air Basin.

“It’s a great organization with great people,” said Brad Poiriez, Executive Director. “We’ve built a great legacy over the last 25 years, have developed great relationships with the business community as well as the education community and we’re looking forward to building upon that success.”

This year, the District set a record for its Clean Air Month Poster contest entries and is beefing up its social media presence and Air Quality education initiatives.

“The only thing that we’ve ever heard is positive comments,” said MDAQMD Board Chairman and Victorville Mayor Pro–Tem Jim Cox. “Congrats to the board, to the GM, to the employees. I don’t know if you realize how unique that is, but it really is, so you’re doing a great job.”

MDAQMD is the air pollution control authority and permitting agency for the High Desert portion of San Bernardino County and the Palo Verde Valley in Riverside County. It’s governed by a board of 13 members representing nine incorporated municipalities and two counties within its boundaries. For more information, please visit




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