City’s Paving Plans on Have Begun in Earnest

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto) —Now that sampling has been completed—done to test the soil and verify asphalt thickness—plans and specifications are expected to be completed this coming fall to move forward on reconstruction of Adelanto Road starting at Highway 395 to the south, north to Ballpark Storage units near Adelanto Stadium.

“The sampling tells us the pavement thickness and Adelanto Road is in too poor of a condition to simply repave,” said Brian Wolfe, City Engineer, so it must be completely removed and reconstructed. Adelanto Road is part of a larger paving project that will also include Rancho Road from Adelanto Road east to Bellflower on the west.  Continuing north on Adelanto Road to Rancho Road, the upper few inches of asphalt will be ground up and recycled into new asphalt to repave the street. This pavement recycling process will continue westerly along Rancho Road to Bellflower Street.

“If sufficient funds are available, repaving operations on Rancho will continue west to Aster Road”, said Wolfe.

Factoring in winter weather, the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, ground breaking could occur late winter or early spring with construction on the $3 million project being completed in as little as 30 days.

“The Council and I are pleased to see the planning moving forward because  work has been needed

for quite some time on both of these heavily traveled roads,” said Mayor Rich Kerr.  “These are the kinds of projects our residents and businesses expect of us and we’ll continue targeting a few other projects for next fiscal year, plus a few transportation projects that will use grant funds,” Kerr added.

Adelanto’s new Fiscal Year begins July 1.

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