Stone Stanley “Bitter End” Video Release Party

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley, CA) – Popular High Desert group Stone Stanleycelebrate the release of new video “Bitter End” from their acclaimed album The Mudstomp Tapes, at the Hilltop Tavern & Inn, 9544 Kiowa Dr., Friday, June 15. Showtime: 8:00 pm. Free (21 and over). Info: (760) 247-7727 or visit

“The (Bitter End) video will play on a big screen via projector, in between the sets of Delta Shade and Stone Stanley,” explains Jason Robert, Stone Stanley’s frontman/guitarist-vocalist. Robert goes on to say that Bitter End is “a Crossroads-like tale which focuses on pleasure over burden, longetivity over burnout. Hardship and adversity are overcome with persaverance, in music and in life.” The video will be released to the public via You Tube on Saturday, June 23.

Bitter End is one of twelve songs that comprise The Mudstomp Tapes, Stone Stanley’s 2017 album which has received great reviews both in the U.S. and abroad. Robert decribes the Mudstomp sound as “a very muddy sound predicated on the backbeat of drums and distorted acoustic guitars with a lot of reverb on the drums and vocals. It’s something that has organically grown out of my solo work. The feeling is one of stomping through the Desert during a Mid-Summer rain on a Saturday night.” Musically, Robert says, “it encompasses an eclectic mix of blues, folk, rock, and a hint of reggae, that takes on a life of its own.”

2018 promises to be a busy year for Jason Robert and Stone Stanley, who make their debut at the Long Beach New Blues Festival on Labor Day weekend and play the 6th Annual Woodystock Festival in October.

Stone Stanley – Upcoming Live Shows & Special Events Itinerary

June 9 (Sat.)                  CHAPPIES                                 Hemet, CA

June 15 (Fri.)                HILLTOP TAVERN/INN             Apple Valley, CA

June 17 (Sun.)               MALAINEY’S GRILL                    Long Beach, CA

July 16 (Mon.)               MAUI SUGAR MILL                    Tarzana, CA

Aug. 4 (Sat.)                 3RD ANNUAL SUMMERFEST       Deep Creek, CA

Sept. 1 (Sat.)                 NEW BLUES FESTIVAL V             Long Beach, CA

Oct. 6 (Sat.)                  WOODYSTOCK FESTIVAL           Adelanto, CA


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