Summer Fun: Kid-Friendly DIY Projects from The Home Depot

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– School’s out and summer is upon us. Don’t get bogged down with finding constructive projects for the kids – let us do it for you with a Kids Workshop.

Home Depot hosts Kids Workshops at stores once a month for kids and parents to work together on small DIY projects like wooden toolboxes, birdhouses or planters. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, over 55 million kids have participated – some growing up to be Home Depot associates today!

“The kids are dedicated too,” says Shauna Jennings, workshops and regional marketing project manager at The Home Depot. “There was a child who had never missed a workshop, and his mother was deliberately late for her own wedding so that her child could go that morning,” Shauna adds.

To make things official, kids receive their own orange apron. And for each project they complete, the kids receive a pin to commemorate it. “Eventually, their apron is covered in pins, and they’re just so proud,” Shauna says.

Thanks to a partnership with Discovery Education, every project comes with a STEAM extension that lets kids go deeper into some of the projects at home afterward. They can explore the physics behind a bean bag tossor calculate the wind speedof a windmill.

For those who can’t make it to the workshops in person, Science Fair Centralhas instructions and shopping lists for all the workshop projects, as well as in-depth guides for other family-friendly projects.  “They’re very fun projects that you can do at home. It’s step-by-step instructions help guide, but also allow the child to challenge thinking,” Shauna explains.

Head to your local Home Depot for a monthly workshop. In the meantime, check out some projects you can expect to stoke your kids’ curiosities:

Tool Box

Tuck away tools or toys in this handmade tool box. The project has become a staple at Kids Workshop. “This was the first project that we ever did, and we still do it today,” Shauna says.

Put Some Wheels on It

Anything with movement typically proves to be a big hit. Whether it’s adding wheels to a classic caror a parachuteto a hardcore Humvee, kids love seeing the final product move once they’re finished.

HERBan Gardening

This year-round herb gardenis compact enough for a small patio and can be moved inside when the weather changes. With a selection of herbsfrom The Home Depot, involve kids and make it a team effort to find the best spot for sun and ensure proper care.

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