Update on Interstate 15 Rest Areas

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is providing an update on the status of the two State Roadside Rest Areas (SRRA’s) on Interstate 15 (I-15): Valley Wells and C.V. Kane.

The Valley Wells SRRA is located north of Baker and has been closed in both directions of I-15 since December 14, 2017 due to the failure of the well.  The well is close to 40 years old and began to deteriorate, therefore causing break down issues to the pump. An emergency contract is in place to dig a new well for the rest area and that process is underway.  The new well will not be functional for several months.

In the interim, Caltrans was able to put a contract in place to provide portable toilet and water facilities for the traveling public.  Those services became available last weekend.  The southbound I-15 Valley Wells SRRA remains open with portable services to motorists.  The northbound I-15 Valley Wells SRRA closed yesterday due to high usage and capacity of the portable toilets, which are being serviced today and will be reopened to the public later this afternoon.

Temporary repairs have been made to the pump and well so that services can be restored to both directions of the Valley Wells SRRA.  Caltrans is awaiting water testing clearance before the actual rest rooms can be reopened, which is expected to happen over the next of couple days.

The C.V. Kane SRRA is located north of Barstow and has also been experiencing water issues. The northbound I-15 SRRA is open at this time. The southbound I-15 SRRA is under construction for a new facility and is expected to be complete by the beginning of 2019.

Caltrans apologizes for any inconveniences that the motoring public have experienced while the SRRA’s have been closed.  We have taken measures to provide services and temporary repairs to try and keep services available when long term closures are expected.

For information on the availability of SRRA’s throughout California, please go to http://www.dot.ca.gov/maintenance/statewidera.html.

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