Why Kohl’s? The 2018 Summer Interns Share Their Experiences

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– As the summer comes to a close, interns from across the company reflect about their time on the job while at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s internship program is more than just a summer job; it offers life skills, incredible real-world work experience and the opportunity for full-time employment after graduation. We asked a few of our interns to share their experiences this summer and tell us why they chose to intern at Kohl’s.

Kim Vu, Public Relations Intern at Kohl’s Design Office in New York City, N.Y.

Meet Kim
Hi everyone! My name is Kim Vu, and I am a Public Relations intern at Kohl’s Design Office in New York City. I will soon be a senior at the University of Minnesota, double majoring in Journalism and Psychology, with double minors in Retail Merchandising and Fashion Studies.

Why Kohl’s?
I gravitated to Kohl’s specifically for its hospitality, ethical outlooks and work-life balance. After an invigorating day of work, I can reward myself by hanging out with the other Kohl’s interns, visiting the Chelsea High Line, relaxing at Rockaway Beach, discovering the best coffee and ice cream shops, and eating at a plethora of rooftop restaurants!

On the Job
In my role as a Public Relations intern, I have learned that no day is similar to one another. It’s a fast-paced, keeps-you-on-your-toes type of industry.There is no traditional day-to-day routine, but that’s what I love.

Throughout my time at Kohl’s, I have worked on a variety of projects: helping support the POPSUGAR at Kohl’spress preview event, writing pitch angles, and building relationships with partners. My favorite thing about working at Kohl’s is the responsibility that I am given along with the projects that I get to call my own. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my work come to the life in the form of a successful press event, media coverage of Kohl’s products, or knowing that I’m an asset to my team.

Cory Fowler, Store Management Intern in Orem, Utah

Meet Cory
Hi, I’m Cory, a Store Management Intern in Orem, Utah. I grew up in the mountainous region of Logan, Utah and after graduating from high school, I spent two years in Raleigh, N.C., volunteering. Then I moved back to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where I am currently a junior majoring in Entrepreneurial Management. I love it!

Why Kohl’s?
As I looked for retailers who were innovative in adapting to changes in technology, Kohl’s really stood out. From Kohl’s in-store kiosks, to new partnerships, green initiatives, and Kohl’s overall progressive culture, there was clear evidence that Kohl’s is innovative. Kohl’s is the most forward-thinking retailer that I know of, and the passion for innovation is inspiring and makes it a great place to grow     in your professional development.

The second reason I chose to come to Kohl’s was the culture and emphasis on community. There has been nearly two volunteer events every week, and I hear how much customers love the Kohl’s Caresprogram all of the time.

On the Job
In my internship, I have experienced every aspect of the store, from checking customers out at the register to fulfilling online orders. There is so much that goes on to keep the store running smoothly and create an easy shopping experience for the customer. My most recent project has been managing the shoe department. The freedom and trust that Kohl’s has given me in my internship has made it a truly unique experience and I continue to learn something new every day that I am here.

Emma Harris, Product Development Intern at Kohl’s Corporate in Milwaukee, Wis.

Meet Emma
Hi, I’m Emma, and this summer I am working at Kohl’s Corporate Office in Milwaukee, Wis. in Product Management with the fashion bedding team. I grew up in a small town near Green Bay, Wis. called Kaukauna.

Why Kohl’s?
My first experience with Kohl’s came when I spent last summer working at a Kohl’s store in Appleton, Wis. I am so grateful to have had the experience directly in a store; I feel it gave me the opportunity to truly understand how the stores operate and the insight to develop products that will make life a little easier at every level.

This past January, I also attended the National Retail Federation’s Student Program in New York where I had the opportunity to hear Michelle Gass present as the keynote speaker. I love that this company is run by two empowering and intelligent women, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

On the Job
The brands I am working on this summer include: Simply Vera Vera Wang, The Big One, Sonoma Goods for Life, and Jumping Beans Disney. I have been able to dive into Kohls.com and help to put together insights to improve the customer experience and set up visual presentations for our upcoming collections, along with attending sales meetings and reporting. I am also loving the Intern Speaker Series Kohl’s has this summer. Being able to hear from our leaders throughout the company is so inspiring!

The warm, welcoming and encouraging people I met at every step of the recruiting and hiring process made coming to Kohl’s such an easy decision. I have never been a part of a team that is so incredibly supportive and encouraging and that is a huge reason I decided to continue my path here; Kohl’s doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk too!

Chan Varma, Product Management Intern at Kohl’s Digital Center in Milpitas, Calif.

Meet Chan
Hello everyone! My name is Chan Varma, and I’m a Product Management Intern at the Kohl’s Digital Center in Milpitas, Calif. I’m entering my senior year at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Economics with additional coursework in City Planning, Computer Science, Design, Cognitive Science, and Entrepreneurship.

Why Kohl’s?
My journey to Kohl’s actually began on the other side of the planet in Bangalore, one of India’s biggest metropolises, and quite coincidentally, the country’s innovation and IT capital. My father worked in the India offices of companies headquartered in Silicon Valley and would often come out here on work trips. About a decade ago, he was staying in a hotel that happened to be a few blocks down from a Kohl’s and brought home tons of t-shirts and action figures to a very excited ten-year-old boy. The odds of me coming to Berkeley for my undergrad a few years later, being ardently interested in digital products, spotting the Kohl’s name at a career fair only because it was associated with a decade old childhood memory, clearing multiple rounds of interviews, and then finally working at Kohl’s, are astronomically low! But I guess that’s what makes it all the more magical, doesn’t it?

Of course, sentimentality aside, I chose Kohl’s because the narrative was simply too powerful. I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build products for one of America’s oldest and largest retailers during what is a very defining era for the greater retail industry.

On the Job
I’m a Product Management Intern on the e-commerce team, and my day-to-day involves shaping a better and more nuanced understanding of who our digital customers are and how we can continue to foster their relationship with the Kohl’s brand.

I’m glad my work required cross-functional collaboration because it truly exposed me to what I feel is the best part about Kohl’s: the people. One of my most memorable highlights of the summer was when CEO Michelle Gass came to the Milpitas office to speak with associates. Towards the end, when she was fielding open questions, I gingerly raised my hand. She was extremely receptive to the question and asked me to follow up with her via email. Michelle not only replied back, but also connected me to CMO Greg Revelle to continue the conversation over a phone call. That’s when I knew that Kohl’s was a company that walked the walk as far as a democracy of ideas was concerned.

For more information on Kohl’s internship program or other career opportunities, visit Careers.Kohls.com.


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