Supervisor Lovingood Votes ‘No’ on Fire Tax

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– During a lengthy public hearing Oct. 16, Board of Supervisors Chair Lovingood voted against the FP-5 fire tax, which passed on a split 3-2 vote.

During his remarks to the Board, Supervisor Lovingood said the FP-5 measure unfairly taxes local property owners and does not provide a fair means of recovering the costs of emergency medical service for out-of-area accident victims along Interstates 15 and 40 and Highways 395 and 58 corridors in San Bernardino County. “A high number of those (freeway accident victims) are not our residents who we are providing life-saving measures.” Supervisor Lovingood also said the tax makes no distinction among parcels. “I find it difficult, just as people have stated, that someone with 15 apartments is going to pay the same as someone next door with a vacant lot,” he said. When the motion was made to vote on a resolution, Supervisor Lovingood maintained his position to vote against the FP-5 expansion.

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