Wordsmith Productions Presents the 2018 High Desert Book Festival on Saturday

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Wordsmith Productions will host the 2018 High Desert Book Festival on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Spirit River Center in Apple Valley.

This year, the book festival is held indoors at the Chamber of Commerce Building. In addition to authors having their books for sale, there will be book-related gift items, an area set aside for poetry and readings by the registered authors.

“We are always pleased with the response that our book festivals have, whether big or small,” James said. “Once again, we have this eclectic group of local writers in combination with those from down the hill.”

Some of the authors from “Written by Veterans” will be exhibitors. This is a writing program at Cal State San Bernardino that nurtures the talent of our veterans. It has culminated in several published works that will be available at the book festival. “This is one more way for people to support veterans,” James said. “But this time you are supporting their creative talents, and that has a trickle-down effect on the whole person.”

Mary Langer Thompson, 2012 Senior Poet Laureate of California will have her poetry collection, Poems in Water, available as well as her children’s book, How the Blue-Tongued Skink got his Blue Tongue, in both English and Spanish. Other localwriters who will be signing at the festival include Barbara Badger, who taught students with severe disabilities for over a decade. Her book A Special Callingrecounts those years and her work with adults with developmental challenges. Elizabeth Pye’s books take readers on a journey through the Napoleonic Period following the lives of two French aristocratic families.

Several of the authors, like Marilyn King, Lorelai Kay and Thompson, were also exhibitors at the nonprofit’s 2016 High Desert Book Festival that was part of the Victorville Fall Festival.

“There are so many choices that will be available that we feel confident there will be something to satisfy most tastes,” James said.

For the aspiring water colorist, local artist Barbara Parish’s books Meet the Brushesprovide  graphic illustrations ofthe strokes that each brush was made to do. Examples show how to hold a brush in different positions to create different strokes, work with water, keep your brush clean, and how to store a dry brush.

“Two authors joining us from L.A. are Raenell Jones who will be signing her children’s books Pretty Patchesand Thank the Lord from A to Z. We also have the very talented Gwen C. Katz whose young adult, historical fiction novel Among the Red Starstells the story of Russia’s famed all-female World War II bomber regiment, The Night Witches.” Katz’ book was a Junior Library Selection in 2017.

“There is something magical when authors and book lovers gather at a book festival because of their mutual appreciation of the written word,” James said. “The publishing world of today allows authors much more freedom in presenting their talents to the public. Many of our authors are self-published, extending that long history of some of the greatest works of literature that started out first published by the authors themselves.”

James said that she hopes the public will support the literary efforts of the authors gathering at Saturday’s book festival.

“We’re approaching the holidays,” James said. “Books make great gifts, and you might discover a new favorite author.”

A full list of authors is on the event’s website at highdesertbookfest.org.

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