3 Things Businesses Should Know to Attract Top Talent in 2019

By Staff Reports

(DGIwire) – While it is good news that the U.S. economy is strong, this means businesses are facing a growing challenge. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, a growing number of businesses are reporting their biggest obstacle is finding qualified employees for their open positions. Here are a few pointers on how companies should focus their efforts to attract and retain the best workers.

  • Source for potential versus the “perfect” resume. High-potential candidates make excellent hires as long as they are trainable, Monster.com reports. Rather than focusing exclusively on trying to attract the “perfect” candidate, it can be rewarding to broaden the search to include those who possess a high potential to fulfill the requirements of the job, increasing the chances they will agree to join the company.
  • Use digital technologies that level the playing field. Creating a video to show the office space and illustrate company culture is a good idea, says Monster.com, as does optimizing a social media strategy that allows the company’s message to reach all potential hires efficiently and thoroughly.
  • Give candidates an inside view to clearly assess their interest and abilities. “A process called ‘job shadowing’ allows a candidate to interact with a company’s team and get a good idea of what the job would entail,” Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, CEO of recruitment firm Atrium, told Monster.com in the article, which refers to job shadowing as the “gold standard solution in 2019” for those doing the hiring. “It provides the hiring manager and the candidate alike with a good assessment of the candidate’s fit.”

As Cenni-Leventhal also notes, shadowing can be accomplished in many ways. It can mean working next to a potential peer, or observing them and what happens in the course of that peer’s working day. It gives the candidate an opportunity to react to how the job actually gets done. However, the shadowing process should not unduly lengthen the timeframe required to make a hiring decision; a maximum of two weeks should be sufficient.

Shadowing can complement other methods of learning if a prospective hire is a good fit, Cenni-Leventhal says; another is paying the candidate to perform a project, which can illustrate his or her talents firsthand while at the same time letting them know up front that their efforts are valued by the company.

“With competition for good workers as fierce as it has ever been, having concrete strategies in place to locate and attract valuable employees is a must. A bit of planning can go a long way toward ensuring that the candidate is both well-suited to the company’s activities and likely to work well with the team as a unit,” Cenni-Leventhal adds.

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