Exquadrum Wins $15 Million Defense Contract, Plans to Expand its High Desert Operations

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– Exquadrum, Inc. of Adelanto has been awarded a prime contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, leading the local tech company to expand its High Desert operations. Exquadrum teamed with Dynetics, Inc. of Huntsville, Ala. who is recognized for systems engineering and its agile production capabilities.

Under the $15.1 million contract, Exquadrum aims to develop and demonstrate a novel ground-launched system for hypersonic boost glide weapons to penetrate modern enemy air defenses and rapidly and precisely engage critical time sensitive targets.

Eric Schmidt, President of Exquadrum, is proud that “Exquadrum was the only small business chosen for this award and the other two awardees are national, multi-billion dollar firms.” Exquadrum will lead the development and demonstration of the team’s innovative propulsion system technologies. It will perform fabrication and sub-scale testing in Adelanto. Large subsystem and system-level testing will be conducted in their Victorville, California, facility at Southern California Logistics Airport.

“We are thrilled to be part of this DARPA program,” said Kevin Mahaffy, Chief Executive Officer of Exquadrum. “We formed the team and developed the innovative approach specifically for OpFires. We’re excited that DARPA recognized the potential to offer ground-breaking capability to the warfighter.”

First District Supervisor Lovingood welcomed the news.

“This is a truly remarkable accomplishment for Exquadrum, a home-grown, high-tech company right here in the High Desert,” Lovingood said.

Exquadrum’s company name means “outside the box” indicating its “thinking outside the box” approach to innovation. Exquadrum specializes in highly innovative technology development, with an emphasis in rocket-based systems. The company conducts design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, and testing of advanced and emerging munitions, propulsion, and power systems. For more information, visit www.exquadrum.com.

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