Motorists in Adelanto Urged to Drive Cautious

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– Motorists in Adelanto are urged to use extra caution while driving in the heavy rains predicted for the High Desert through Thursday of this week.  Driving with attention to the road conditions and weather often means traveling at a slower speed; maintaining a greater distance between vehicles; checking that windshield wipers are in good condition; car tires are inflated to the correct level; and threadbare tires are replaced.

Three roadways have been identified as subject to flooding when heavy rains hit in Adelanto.  They are:

  • Bellflower between Mojave Drive and Rancho Road
  • Jonathan Street between Mojave Drive and Holly Road
  • Pearmain Street between Mojave Drive and Cactus Road

“When confronted with a flooded street remember that the actual depth of the water is unknown. If barricades, signage or other warning notices are present take them seriously and comply with the direction given.” said Mayor Reyes, adding, “Under no circumstances should a driver ever go around a barricade, regardless of the size of the vehicle being driven.”

Residents can also plan ahead to protect their homes from the rain with sandbags which are available at no cost at Fire Station 322, 10370 Rancho Road, Adelanto.

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