The City of Adelanto Remains Committed to Fiscal Responsibility

By Staff Reports

(Adelanto)– During the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on January 23, 2019 the Council received a positive update on the status of the City’s financial audits. When last reported on in October 2018, the City was more than three years behind on reconciling the City’s bank accounts and more than four years behind on required financial audits.

“We inherited a mess,” said Mayor Gabriel Reyes, “however, the Council and I take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously and are dedicated to rectifying the issues before us and ensuring the City is financially sound, in compliance, and timely with all financial reporting moving forward.”

The City’s Finance Director/City Treasurer, Ward Komers advised the Council that through the hard work and efforts of staff members, the bank reconciliations are now current through December of 2018, and will be up to date within the next four to six weeks.  In addition, through ongoing, diligent efforts, all financial audits are expected to be complete by December of 2019.

“We have no time to ruminate on the missteps of the past,” said Mayor Reyes.  “The Council and I are moving forward and working to restore the good reputation of our community:  Adelanto, the City with unlimited possibilities.”

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