City of Victorville Announces Winners of 12th Annual Victorville Recycles Week School Competition

(Left to right), Dana Armstrong, City of Victorville Env. Programs Manager; Mt. View Montessori Principal Tanya Newell; City of Victorville Mayor Gloria Garcia; Josie Vargas, Burrtec Municipal Program Coordinator; Ann Martens, Mt. View Montessori teacher.

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– Today, the City of Victorville announced the winners of its12th Annual Victorville Recycles Week school competition.  During Victorville Recycles Week, which is held the first week of November, local schools participate in a variety of activities to promote recycling awareness and education.  Individual students can compete in a contest for the best sculpture made of recycled material and for the best poster to promote recycling awareness.    Burrtec Industries serves as the event sponsor for this competition and provides cash prizes to the winners.

Following is a list of the Victorville Recycles Week top prize winners:

Category School/Student Prize
Top Points Winner Mt. View Montessori $1,000
Recycling Poster Contest, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Nika Lyons, Mt. View Montessori $100
Recycling Sculpture Contest, “Recycling is a Thrill” Hector Portillo, III, West Palms Conservatory $100

The top prize winners were recognized at a recent Victorville City Council Meeting.  The winning poster and sculpture will be on display at the Victor Valley Materials Recovery Facility for one year.  The top points winning school will have its name added to the Victorville Recycles Week perpetual trophy, and the school will keep and display the trophy at its location for a year.

Of special note is that Mt. View Montessori School has been the top prize winner six times, including the last five consecutive years.

Additional prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Poster Contest Winner Nika Lyons from Mt. View Montessori School, with (from left to right), Josie Vargas, Burrtec Municipal Program Coordinator; City of Victorville Mayor Gloria Garcia; and Dana Armstrong, City of Victorville Env. Programs Manager.

Category School/Student Prize
2nd Place Top Points Winner West Palms Conservatory $500
3rd Place Top Points Winner Brentwood Elementary $250
Participation Awards Winners,      4 schools University Prep; Mojave Vista; Melva Davis Academy of Excellence; Village Elementary $200/ea
CRV Recycling Contest Winner Brentwood Elementary $250
YouTube Video Contest Winner University Prep $400
Poster Contest Runners Up Shaddy Khouri (University Prep); Elmer Andujar-Francis (Brentwood Elementary) $50/ea
Sculpture Contest Runners Up Sebastian Facio (West Palms Conservatory); Eibrick Flores (Brentwood Elementary) $50/ea

Victorville Recycles Week was started in 2007 by the City of Victorville Recycling Program to call attention to the City’s recycling programs and encourage residents to recycle more.  The event is usually held during the first week of November to coordinate with “America Recycles Day,” which is held on Nov. 15 each year.

Following are highlights of this year’s Victorville Recycles Week:

  • 17 schools signed up to participate
  • 902 posters from 8 schools were entered in the poster contest
  • 72 sculptures from 6 schools were entered in the recycled sculpture contest
  • 41 in-class presentations were made to approximately 1,100 students
  • 22 school-wide assemblies were presented to about 8,100 students
  • 14 schools participated in the City-wide Community Cleanup in October, lending 457 volunteers
  • 343 students from 6 schools went on a field trip to the Victor Valley Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  Bus transportation costs were covered by the City of Victorville.
  • 11 schools participated in the CRV Bottle and Can Recycling Contest
  • In total, over 10,000 students participated in this year’s event.

It is estimated that over 95,000 students have participated in Victorville Recycles Week activities since the event started in 2007.

Each year, Victorville residents and businesses dispose of more than 70,000 tons of materials in San Bernardino County’s Victorville Landfill on Stoddard Wells Road at a cost of over $3 million.  It is estimated that those 70,000 tons contain resources worth over $1.5 million if they were separated for recycling.  By recycling more and discarding less, Victorville residents and businesses can cut waste disposal costs significantly and divert valuable materials back into the economy.

For more information on Victorville Recycles Week and how to recycle in Victorville, residents should call the City of Victorville Recycling Information Line at 760- 955-8615 or go to the City’s recycling information website at

Recycled Sculpture Contest Winner Hector Portillo III from West Palms Conservatory, with (from left to right) Josie Vargas, Burrtec Municipal Program Coordinator; City of Victorville Mayor Gloria Garcia, and Dana Armstrong, City of Victorville Env. Programs Manager.


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