Old Woman Springs Ranch/Heart Bar Ranch Photo Search

Craig McKenzie, 2018

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– The Morongo Basin Historical Society is working on a photographic history related to Old Woman Springs Ranch and the former Heart Bar Ranch.

If you have any vintage or historic photos of Old Woman Springs Ranch, the Pineapple Express railroad on the ranch, Rattlesnake Canyon, Ames Well, the Rock Corral, Heart Bar Ranch, Heart Bar Campground, Heart Bar State Park, cattle, cattle drives, cowboys, Dale Gentry, Albert Swarthout and Charlie Martin families, or any related images, diaries, documents, please get in touch with them.

They appreciate your help in preserving history.

Your name will be cited if used in the publication. Contact Claudia cj61464@gmail.comĀ or call 760-366-7896.

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