Liberty Utilities Apple Valley Encourages Community to Make the Right Call on Water Conservation

By Tony Penna, Vice President & General Manager for Liberty Utilities Apple Valley

(Apple Valley)– Cell phones have become a part of our every day, to the point that panic sets in when the battery charge drops below 20 percent. Suddenly, our focus shifts from watching videos, checking messages and playing games to preserving battery life for important calls and emails.

In California, we have a similar mindset when it comes to water. We wash our cars and trucks, and unknowingly over-water our landscapes. We fill our pools and use water for recreation during arid summer stretches. Suddenly, a dry winter leads to a drought declaration, and we find ourselves tasked with preserving water supplies for life-essential uses like drinking, cooking and bathing.

That’s where the comparison between cell phone use and water use ends. Unfortunately, there is no outlet to instantly recharge water supplies when they reach dangerously low levels, and the consequences of letting this resource “run dry” are severe.

Not long ago, California experienced one of the most severe droughts in recorded state history. Record-breaking temperatures and scarce rainfall devastated the state— approximately 102 million trees died, overdrawn groundwater led to collapsed aquifers and more than 15 aquatic creatures faced near extinction as riverbeds dried up.

California ultimately recovered, and parts of the state that had turned brown have finally returned to green.

The only predictable aspect about weather is its unpredictability. Just as our state has benefitted from rain and snow these last two winters, this summer very well could mark the start of another extended dry period. We just don’t know what’s ahead.

When Governor Jerry Brown lifted the drought emergency in April 2017, many Californians mistook this action as unspoken approval to abandon conservation efforts. The reality is, Californians cannot afford to be reckless with our most-precious resource, water. We all must recommit to conservation to make responsible water use an integral part of our everyday lifestyle.

Liberty Utilities Apple Valley wants to be your conservation partner. To learn more about the conservation programs and resources available to you, visit or call Water Conservation Department Coordinator Norma Armenta at 760-240-8329. Let’s work together to make conservation a priority in Apple Valley.

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