All 2019 Apple Valley High Graduates to Receive $1,600 Each to Attend Victor Valley College

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Every senior who graduates from Apple Valley High School and chooses to attend Victor Valley College this year will receive a $1,600 scholarship, courtesy of the new AVHS Alumni Scholarship.

The donation was made by an alum of both AVHS and VVC and will be given to the VVC Foundation, the primary organization through which the community invests in the college. A $1,600 scholarship is offered to the entire graduating class this year, which is about 540 students. “Studies show that people who go to community college and complete a degree are going to make, on average, twice as much money as someone who just goes to high school and doesn’t pursue a higher education,” said VVC Superintendent/President Dr. Dan Walden. “Community college worked for me, I’ve seen it work for thousands, and I hope you’ll take this opportunity that this wonderful donor made available to you.”

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