Taylion High Desert Academy Reflects Back on a School Year of Growth, Progress and Partnerships

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)- As Taylion High Desert Academy closes out the school year, the charter school reflects back on the community partnerships that made the year such a success for their students.

“As a charter school and a non-profit organization, I cannot stress to you enough how important our community partners our for Taylion, and how honored we are to have them,” said Taylion High Desert Academy Principal Evelyn Sandoval. “From continuing partnerships like the Adelanto Elementary School District and Barnes & Noble to new partners like the Family Assistance Program and Goodwill Southern California, these partnerships mean more opportunities for our students and their families.”

The school year was full of growth and progress: for the students, and for the organization as a whole. Within the year, numerous community partnerships were created and strengthened, which equals to more support for the students. New partnerships include the Family Assistance Program, where students assisted in creating a brand new playground in downtown Victorville. The local non-profit organization also held a number of workshops for students, focusing on positivity, self-esteem and more.

Taylion continued to strengthen their partnership with Goodwill of Southern California. Some of this year’s graduating class enrolled in Goodwill’s program, which offers incentives and support for students as they transition into the workforce. Goodwill services young adults across Southern California, as they are known as a force of positive change for the community.

The partnership the school has with their authorizing district was evident at this year’s commencement ceremony, as two of the esteemed board members from the Adelanto Elementary School District were in attendance to celebrate firsthand the accomplishments of the class of 2019. Taylion has worked diligently with the district this school year, with the board as well as Superintendent Dr. Amy Nguyen-Hernandez and Dr. Fal Asrani.

For more information on Taylion Academy, follow the school on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and visit the school’s website at www.taylion.com.

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