Town of Apple Valley Maintains 3% Savings in New Electric Rates

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– On June 1, 2019, Southern California Edison (SCE) implemented a rate change to all residential and commercial customers due to increased power spikes and excessive heat waves. The adjustment brings a 6% increase, on average, to the monthly residential rate and 7% for commercial customers. As a result, Apple Valley Choice Energy (AVCE) rates have been adjusted to mirror the new rates implemented by SCE while continuing to save 3% on the generation portion of the customer’s bill.

AVCE has saved Apple Valley residents and businesses an estimated $1.9 million in energy costs for the January 2018 – February 2019 period. By adjusting rates to keep up with the energy market, AVCE can ensure that funds are available to cover operating costs, maintain operating reserves, and preserve the customer discount into the future.

“As with any rate change from Edison, Apple Valley Choice Energy will continue to save 3% on the generation portion of the customer’s bill,” said Mayor Larry Cusack. “This is reflected whether there is an increase or decrease. Customers should be mindful of these newly adopted rates and adjust their usage to receive the best possible savings.”

AVCE currently serves approximately 90% of all Apple Valley residents.

For more information on Apple Valley Choice Energy, call (760)-573-AVCE (2823) or visit the Town’s AVCE website at

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