Victorville Residents Invited to Participate in “The Right Stuff” Curbside Recycling Contest

By Staff Reports

(Victorville)– City of Victorville residents who recycle correctly have a chance to win a $100 cash prize by entering “The Right Stuff” Curbside Recycling Contest.  The contest, designed to encourage and reward residents who recycle properly, will continue through the end of July.  To be eligible to win, residents must sign up for the contest and recycle correctly:

  1. Use the Blue Recycling Bin Only for Recyclables—No Trash in the Recycle Bin.  Recyclable items include glass bottles and jars, tin and aluminum cans, rigid plastic containers (bottles/jars/tubs/trays), as well as clean and dry paper and cardboard.  All bottles and cans must be completely empty (free of food residue).  Recyclables should be placed loose (not bagged) into the recycle bin. The recycle bin must not contain any “trash” or “contaminants,” including plastic bags or soiled paper.
  2. Use the Black/Green Trash Bin Only for Trash and Yard Trimmings—No Recyclables in the Trash Bin.   The other part of recycling correctly is to make sure no recycle items end up in the trash bin.  It is important to recycle cereal boxes, plastic shampoo bottles, junk mail, school papers, yogurt containers, laundry detergent boxes and bottles, etc.

Every other week, new contestants are chosen, and their recycle and trash containers are checked.  If the customer has only recyclables in the blue bin (no trash) and only trash/garden trimmings in the black/green trash bin (no recyclables), then he or she is a winner!

Residents can sign up for the contest on the City’s website:   The contest continues through July 31.

The Right Stuff Contest is sponsored by Burrtec Waste Industries in cooperation with the City of Victorville.  For more information or to request a paper entry form, residents should call the City of Victorville Environmental Programs Division at (760) 955-8615.

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