Liberty Utilities Files To Lower Rates By Approximately 3.12 Percent For Apple Valley Customers

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Liberty Utilities recently filed an Advice Letter with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to lower water rates by approximately 3.12 percent for Apple Valley customers. The new rates will be implemented on July 1, 2019.

The filing to decrease water rates reflects the net effect of Liberty Utilities’ lower Cost of Capital and interim rates, which are being established due to the CPUC’s delayed decision on the utility’s General Rate Case for 2019-21. The average residential customer in Apple Valley served by Liberty Utilities uses approximately 23.30 CCF (17,428 gallons) of water during a two-month billing period and will see their bi-monthly bill decrease by $4.28.

“We are pleased to share that local water rates will be decreasing by more than 3 percent,” said Tony Penna, Vice President and General Manager of Liberty Utilities Apple Valley. “As a state-regulated utility, our rates reflect the true costs to provide water service and maintain the system, and whenever Liberty Utilities’ saves money we pass that through to customers.”

In July of 2018, Liberty Utilities lowered rates by 4 percent (more than $5.60 for an average bi-monthly residential bill) in Apple Valley to account for savings from the adjusted federal corporate tax rate. Factoring rate reductions and Liberty Utilities’ base rate freeze implemented in January 2017, 92 percent of customers in Apple Valley are using less than 24 CCF (17,952 gallons) of water and pay an average of $61.44 each month for their water service. The 66 percent of customers who use less than 12 CCF (8,976 gallons) of water currently pay an average of $48.95 each month.

For additional information, customers are asked to visit or call Liberty Utilities directly at (760) 247-6484.

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