Town of Apple Valley Adds Four Way Stop at Busy Intersection

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– The Town Council unanimously voted to add an all-way (four-way) stop at the intersection of Tonawanda Road and Shoshonee/ Flathead roads in response to public concern about speed and safety in the area made at the May 14 Town Council meeting.

Per the Town Manager’s direction, Engineering staff evaluated speed limits, collision history, and overall traffic control measures in the area and determined that the existing traffic control measures in place are correct.

However, it was also determined that the existing two-way stop at the intersection of Tonawanda Road and Shoshonee/ Flathead roads has geometric features that produce sight distance limitations that are adequate at posted speeds but may become marginal at higher approach speeds. As a result, based on the unusual configuration of this intersection, engineering staff recommended to the Town Council that the existing two-way stop controls at this intersection be upgraded to a four-way stop.

Two weeks prior to the installation of the new four-way stop, temporary caution signs will be installed in advance of the intersection to alert approaching drivers of the pending four-way stop. These signs will advise motorists of the date the new stop signs will be in place (anticipating mid-August). Once the four-way stop is installed, temporary flashing lights will caution approaching drivers of the new four-way stop condition. The flashing lights will remain in place for one month.

For more information please contact the Town’s Public Information Office at (760)240-7000 x7074.

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