VVAPL Receives Disney Donation to Help Cats

(right) Disney cast member Rachelle Allen presents Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund grant to Terry Saenz, VVAPL Board Member.

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– For over 30 years, Disneyland Resort cast members have focused on providing meaningful service to their communities through their Disney VoluntEARS program.  In addition to volunteering, cast members nominate dozens of organizations each year to receive more than $350,000 through the employee-managed Disney VoluntEARS Community Fund grants (DVCF).  Thanks to a nomination by cast member Rachelle Allen, VVAPL recently received a $5,000 grant for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).

Most cats entering animal shelters are free-roaming, stray or feral.  Unfortunately, the majority of feral cats are euthanized due to being unsocialized and afraid of people.  This trap and kill approach is nothing more than an inhumane revolving door.  TNR, on the other hand, is the most humane and effective method of preventing cats from entering the shelter system and managing their numbers.

The TNR process entails trapping, neutering, vaccinating for rabies and RCP, ear-tipping and returning cats to their original location. Ear-tipping is a universal symbol a cat is sterilized and vaccinated.  Residents caring for colonies of feral cats can bring them in to be spay/neutered and vaccinated at discounted rates.

“Our TNR program helps us ensure the health and well-being of community cats and needless euthanizing of healthy cats, while also benefiting the public by keeping cats from having babies and spreading diseases,” said board member Terry Saenz.  “The continued support of Rachelle Allen and DVCF has been a tremendous positive impact for our animals.”

VVAPL Humane Society is a nonprofit located at 21779 Zuni Road in Apple Valley.  For information about TNR call 760/247-2102, visit www.vvapl.com to view animals, and like us on Facebook.

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