A Note from Supervisor Lovingood: If You Want ‘Renewable Energy,’ Get Ready to Dig

By Robert Lovingood

(Victor Valley)– There was a fascinating piece recently in the Wall Street Journal headlined, “If You Want ‘Renewable Energy,’ Get Ready to Dig.”Mark P. Mills writes, “building one wind turbine requires 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete and 45 tons of nonrecyclable plastic. Solar power requires even more cement, steel and glass—not to mention other metals.”

Mines in San Bernardino County produce everything from gold, silver and iron ore to specialty clays. High Desert cement manufacturers CEMEX, CalPortland and Mitsubishi Cement make the vast majority of cement that keeps Southern California strong. And MP Materials produces rare earth minerals that are key to smart phones, defense technologies – and wind turbines. In fact, MP Minerals recently invested about $200 million into its mining operation along Interstate 15 in Mountain Pass. And soda ash, a product which is a key component of glass, is produced by Searles Valley Minerals in Trona.

So as the renewable energy sector develops, it is important to remember that its success depends on the minerals mined and produced right here in San Bernardino County.

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