Caltrans Shows You What To Do At Intersections When the Power Is Shut Off

By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)— This fire season, California’s largest power companies may shut off at-risk power lines to prevent sparking wildfires. That could mean no power for long periods, from mountainous regions to cities like San Francisco.

When the power goes out, traffic signals will start flashing and may even go dark if the power shut off lasts for days.

Caltrans operates nearly five thousand traffic signals statewide, and the department wants to make sure you are ready when the lights go out.

In this News Flash, we will show you the safest way to navigate an intersection during times with no power.

Take a look at the video:

This News Flash is the 211th in a series of videos highlighting Caltrans’ activities that present the wide-ranging and critical work that Caltrans does to enhance California’s economy and livability. To see more of these and other videos, search for #CaltransNewsFlash on Twitter or go to

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