State of the Town Presentation Available on AVTV

By Staff Reports

(Apple Valley)– Residents who missed the Town of Apple Valley’s State of the Town presentation in person, or via the live feed provided on the Town’s AVTV Public Education and Government channel, can now view it in its entirety on the Town’s website or YouTube channel.

Newly annexed land, district voting, paving projects, and new development were just a few of the topics covered at this year’s event that was delivered to a sold-out crowd at the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon on August 21.

The address also explained that future council members will be selected by voters that live within their specific geographic area and announced that the newly annexed area includes three miles of prime freeway frontage to the town’s boundaries that will attract more retail and industry to north Apple Valley.

In the last year the town has seen slow and steady population growth to 73,514 with 84 new home permits and a 3.6% growth in property tax revenue. This growth was bolstered by exciting commercial development such as the new Tractor Supply Co. and Awake Juice Bar that opened earlier this year, and numerous upcoming projects including the Big Lots Distribution Center, Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery, a new Chase Bank, Town’s End Stillhouse and Grill, Apple Valley Gateway Center and a third Starbucks.

The presentation also illustrated that the Town is staying the course to improve its historic business district, maintain its road system, help residents save money on their electric bills, and fund public safety. Apple Valley will also continue the pursuit to acquire the water system when the eminent domain case goes to court in October.

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