Comic Book Review: Mezo #1

By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporter

(Victor Valley)– One of my favorite parts of the comic book industry is the vast amount of independent publishers. There are so many amazing, high-quality titles being released every month. Yet, many readers will never try them- maybe they don’t know they exist. So when I saw my local comic book shop had in an interesting title called Mezo, I instantly picked it up. From A Wave Blue World, the book is a story set in Meso-America, as a regime looks to crush all that oppose their emperor.

Written by Tyler Chin-Tanner, with art by Josh Zingerman, Val Rodrigues and Doug Garbark, letters by Thomas Mauer and a beautiful cover by Claudia Ianniciello, Mezo #1 pulls you in instantly. We see the rise of the Tzalekuhl Empire, which threatens to disrupt the peace across the lands of Mezo. We see the massive army head out to battle any that oppose, which includes Kyma and her father Hegol, a tribal leader that refuses to bend the knee to this new regime. This regime, led by Emperor Vuh, a charlatan of sorts that rules under the guise of being chosen by the god Kuhl. With this issue, we see a decisive battle; we see loss and an uncertain future for Kyma.

The book reads and feels epic. I love books set in a past historical period, and Mezo nails the look and feel of Meso-America. The artwork here is fantastic, the fight scenes are bloody and epic, and the designs pop out at you. In this issue, I am already invested in what happens to Kyma next, as she is not in a good situation as the book ends. The book is in a new type of format, which releases a single printed issue, followed by two choices. The reader can continue the journey digitally on Comixology, or they can wait until December for the collection to come to print.

This was my first book ever from A Wave Blue World, and it certainly won’t be the last. Mezo has the makings of a historical epic, and I, for one, am ready to continue the journey. I already pre-ordered the trade paperback through my local comic shop, and I encourage you to give this book a shot, whether with a printed copy or digitally.

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