Comic Book Review: Wolvenheart #1

By Nolan P. Smith

Staff Reporter

(Victor Valley)– Mad Cave Studios has brought us some fantastic comics in the past years. From Honor and Curse to Battlecats and Show’s End, I have been impressed with their diverse lineup of genres. With Wolvenheart, we jump into a world of time-traveling monster hunters lead by Van Hellsing: tell me that doesn’t already sound amazing.

From Mark London with art by Alejandro Giraldo, The book kicks off and 1858 New York at a psychiatric facility, where a young man is about to show the world how real werewolves can be. Enter Sterling Cross, a time-traveling monster hunter from the organization Wolvenheart. After dispatching the threat, we get to see the Wolvenheart headquarters, its leader Van Hellsing as well as the support from Tesla. Talk about a dream team of characters. Things get tense as Hellsing informs his hunters know of a suspected threat in the UK, someone who has planted himself firmly on the side of the Queen. With a Wolvenheart agent already dead, Cross strikes out on his own to stop this, as it is taking place far too close to home.

London creates something that feels like part supernatural, part Doctor Who with a hint of Steampunk. That’s a good combination and makes for an exciting world. The Victorian designs, coupled with real historical characters, really gives the book a good balance of fact and fiction. Giraldo’s artwork is stunning, as some panels look like they would be animation cels- simply amazing.

This first issue is a perfect primer to this world and will draw you in instantly. Time-traveling monster hunters sounds impressive as it is, and yet Wolvenheart exceeded my expectations. In the current comic book landscape, we are fortunate to have so many fantastic monster hunter books available: from Buffy and Angel, to Once and Future and Something is Killing the Children. Add Wolvenheart to that list, and get ready for a time-tripping ride.

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