CSUSB Open House for Students Interested in Cyber Technology


By Staff Reports

(Victor Valley)– Cal State San Bernardino’s Cyber Intelligence and Security Organization (CISO) will hold a free open house on Friday, Oct. 18, for all students, high school and community college counselors, parents and students interested in cyber technology.

The open house will be held from 6-8 p.m. in the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, Room 102. Parking will be available in lots G, H, and F. Standard parking rates apply. Register on Eventbrite.

The student organization, formally known as the InfoSec Club, has grown from a small student club into a professional student organization thanks to the outstanding efforts from the CISO outreach officers and supporting team. CISO has managed to significantly increase the number of members that are passionate and willing take on challenges in today’s cybersecurity industry.

The organization’s activities have garnered interest from various employers and leaders in the community, and visitors from Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies, which frequently attend student project showcases. Students participating in these projects develop critical thinking and analysis techniques that can be applied in real-world cybersecurity problems.

Involvement in projects allows students to explore in-depth topics that are only briefly discussed in class. This has helped students gain an edge when seeking networking and employment opportunities.

Along with learning new skills, students in the organization are encouraged to join competitions such as Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), National Cyber League (NCL), Information Technology Competition (ITC) and CyberForce Competition. This puts students in situations that allow them to make critical decisions similar to those that businesses face every day.

CISO members’ willingness to take on these challenges and learn from them has enabled the club to develop relationships with major companies such as Facebook, Red Hat and more. Thanks in part to these relationships, more companies have reached out to provide valuable training and resources to ensure that students have the best quality education possible.

The progress of the last 10 years will be evident to those attending this year’s CSUSB Cybersecurity Center Open House. The high-quality degrees, opportunities to work with faculty, national scholarships, and student-led projects are capturing the attention of employers across the country.

Due partly to the national recognition of CSUSB’s cybersecurity program, CISO club membership has soared this past year, impacting the quality and quantity of projects. Students in the club emphasize that there is no cybersecurity knowledge required to participate.

“Every day new students walk into the lab, wanting to see how they can join the club and participate on a project,” club president Manny Vasquez said. “We have something for everyone.”

For more information or request accommodations, please contact cyber@csusb.edu or call (909) 537-7535.

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